Business oriented technician with many years experience of entrepreneurship and a wide technical knowledge from designing hardware and developing embedded software solutions to building IT infrastructures and developing Windows applications.

I am highly experienced in simplifying business processes for multi-channel marketing as well as developing support systems that reduce the need for expert knowledge and eliminate bottlenecks. I am experienced in leading successful “Heavyweight” teams in disruptive technology changes. I am goal and results-oriented. I am experienced in both outbound and inbound marketing solutions, with a passion for smart e-commerce solutions. I have overseen projects of over 30 people in 10 countries and managed a successful IT company doing business with companies in Europe, Asia and the USA.

I have worked in the private healthcare sector and have a deep interest in people and behavioural science. I believe this combination is what makes me an expert in optimising processes and applying the best possible system solutions to support them.

I have a college degree in electronic engineering and enjoy designing and building different electronics projects in my spare time: one being to convert my Toyota Prius to a plug-in hybrid, capable of running 80 km on pure electric, compared to the original 2 km! Lately I’m mostly working on automating my house and garden with various IOT stuff 🙂

I might be available for the right full-time opportunity within my area of expertise. I’m certainly available for hire on developments projects.
Contact information at my LinkedIn page:

I have specialist knowledge in
– Developing support systems for print production
– Systems development for Adobe InDesign, Acrobat and Photoshop, Enfocus Switch and Pitstop.
– Multichannel / Omnichannel solutions workflows and systems.
– inRiver PIM system developing integrations and applications.
– Developing applications in C# and vb.net, win forms and WPF.
– Embedded development for AVR series micro-controllers in Bascom, assembler or AVR Studio.

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