Windows based client / server system for Print production and prepress

Windows based system for supporting print production processes, developed 2007-08 in .NET and SQL. This replaced the Mac based system when the AJ print production moved from Mac to PC and the AS 400 ERP system was replaced by Dynamix Ax.
The principles are the same as for the older Mac system but with added functionalities to support page approvals, merging of PDFs and a script client replacing the scripts pane in InDesign called InDesign Automator was developed. The hot-folder hub in the Mac system was replaced by Enfocus Power Switch. The InDesign server applications were made to work together in a clustered system where one is dynamically assign the master role. This way the servers can produce output in parallel thus speeding up production with every server added. A new system for managing prices was also incorporated into this system.

AJ Repro PC AJ Repro apps Job flow CatWF Stefan Rehnberg

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