SEO / organic visibility for the AJ group sites

In July 2012 I had the privilege of going to MozCon in Seattle together with the AJ Groups SEO specialist Lars Eriksson.  I learned alot from Lars, the speakers and all the people we met.
When we got back to the office we started to plan a project we called “Total SERP domination” 😉 This project had two phases; Technical and Content.
The easy part was the tech, Lars have a brilliant systematic knowledge about search engines and “all things internet” but we planed to do things like changing the site structure and all the URL, so this was the scary part, we could end up losing all our hard earned organic rankings. The hard part was content and especially to get the knowledge out to our 20+ editors in Europe on how to create content that is SEO optimized and how to verify their work. We looked at several tools for on-page optimisation and keyword rankings to try and find one that we could use throughout the group but eventually decided on developing our own extensions to our ecommerce platform Wipcore eNova. This allowed our editors to get a grading from A to F on how well they optimized a page, historik rankings and suggestions on how to improve it, as well as a tool for us to keep track of their work.

Thanks to the brilliance and hard work of the people involved, it did pay off 🙂

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