WiFi and Verisure Water Valve

I use Verisure water detectors throughout the house and when any of them detects water, a Verisure wall plug switch on and incoming water to the house turns off. I have made a small PCB that combines this with a Shelly 2.5 WiFi relay and a manual override.

Principle schematic. Water flow is controlled in one of three ways;
Manually with a switch, WiFi with a Shelly 2.5 or automatically from Verisure water detectors.

Manual override switch at the front of the water control box.

Back of water control and the ball valve.

Close-up of the water control PCB.

Schematic of the water control.
Water control PCB.

The design is made as generic as possible. I can use almost any 2-wire DC ball valve and it doesn’t have to be a Shelly WiFi relay or a Verisure plug. A DC voltage at the the Aux Close connector activates relay K3, from a plug-in power supply in the Verisure wall plug. The voltage regulator U2 is only needed if the motor is not 24V, choose a regulator suitable for the motor.

It can be used to control any low power 2-wire DC motor, like blinds, awnings, shutters, valves…

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