Frequency therapy and diagnostics instrument with Bèkèsy audiometer

The FTI-1 is a Frequency therapy and diagnostics instrument with Bèkèsy audiometer for Healthcare professionals and laboratory use.

The instruments audiometer is a screening audiometer of a type invented by Georg von Békésy, Nobel Prize winner in Medicine 1961, at his time as a guest of the Karolinska Institute in Sweden.
The Audiometer is operated by the patient and outputs a tone that is slowly increasing in volume. When the subject to be tested hears the tone he/she presses and holds a button and the volume will decrease as long as the button is pressed. When the tone is no longer heard, the button is released and the tone is once again increasing in volume. This pressing/releasing of the key is continued throughout the entire test and results in a very accurate way of determining the subjects hearing threshold at different frequencies.

As a research tool for frequency therapies, it can be used with any form of frequency therapies that use the human body range of 1Hz to 100KHz. Specific care has been taken to make it extremely accurate and noise free, especially in the audible range. This makes it very suitable for Sound Therapies. It is probably one of the world’s most accurate frequency generating instrument. The output frequency can be exact to 8 decimals or swept from 1mHz to the entire range of 200KHz in 1 to 9 seconds. Built in Smart card reader for storing patient/client information about his/her current frequencies. Three programmable filters for VLF, LF and HF frequencies.

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