Connect any remote controlled device to your Home Automation

I use this to control ceiling fans and awnings from my Home Automation.

This small PCB (50×50 mm) has 4 inputs for buttons, relays or any other type of contacts that can close to ground when on. It has 8 outputs, two for each input. Each output connects to a button on the remote and simulates the button being pressed. I made it for use with one or two Shelly 2.5 or up to four Shelly 1 , but any similar device will work just as well. It’s made to run on 24 VDC but will work on 7 – 30 VDC. It has an adjustable 1.5 – 12 VDC output to drive the remote and replace its batteries.

When an input turns on (goes low) the first of its corresponding output activates for 1 second. When the input turns off, it’s other output activates for 1 second. The outputs are solid state relays that can be used in any of three ways, configurable by solder jumpers on the back of the PCB:
1 – as a relay, closing the two output pins.
2 – Sinking the output pin to ground.
3 – Driving the output pin to +

Shelly WiFi control of a Westinghouse ceiling fan

This spare remote for a Westinghouse ceiling fan (the long PCB to the right), have buttons in a matrix, not closing to ground or supply. The two pins of each button of the remote is connected to a solid state relay output that closes the button.
The Shelly 1 turns on or off the ceiling fan lamp by “pressing” the button on the remote for one second when the Shelly turns on and for one second when the Shelly turns off.
The first channel of the Shelly 2.5 controls the ceiling fan on/off and the second channel sets it to medium or high speed.

Shelly WiFi control of a Hampton Bay ceiling fan

A universal radio remote for controlling four functions on a Hampton Bay ceiling fan with one Shelly 2.5. On this remote the switches are closing to ground. Jumpers have been soldered on the back of the control PCB and only 4 wires are needed, and 3V for the remotes power.

The actual Somfy awnings control from example image above

The bottom PCB is an old Somfy Telis 1 3-button remote. The Shelly 2.5 is in Roller mode and an off from any of the Shellys two channel presses the middle button. I say middle button and not stop button because this button serves two functions in the Somfy world and will create a bit of a problem.
Somfy calls this the My button, pressing it while the awning is moving, stops the movement. Pressing it when the awning is stationary, brings it to a preset position. To remove this preset position, press the My button so the awning moves to the preset position then press and hold the My button for 5 seconds.

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